Wheels and tyres have a massive influence on the handling of your bike. Whether you are riding a mountain bike, trekking bike, road bike or gravel bike, you will immediately notice the difference between a bad and a good set of wheels. The right combination of rim spokes and hubs is what distinguishes a good wheelset. Besides the total weight, the distribution of the rotating mass plays an important role. Light rims and tires ensure better acceleration. On the other hand, a heavier wheel keeps the speed longer.

For mountain bikes, the choice of wheels is particularly large, as in addition to the various price categories, materials, rim widths, various wheel sizes of 26, 27.5, 28 and 29 inches are offered. On the road the 28″ wheels are still very present. But also 27,5″ wheels with wider tyres find their place.

In the MTB segment, disc brakes now dominate before rim brakes. On racing bikes or cyclocross bikes, disc brakes are also increasingly used. The advent of tubeless tires on MTBs and gravel bikes has also replaced the classic butyl, latex or modern thermoplastic tube in some places.


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